Bart Simpson Dedication 
Bart Simpson Dedication
Bart Simpson Dedication
Bart Simpson Dedication






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Jessica Lovejoy

The sweet reverends daughter, or so they thought! When Bart first saw her he knew his search was over. When church finished he approached her and coughed, she turned around and Bart told her he was moved by her reading in church. She just turned around and ignored him. He tried hard to act nice to impress her but when Sunday school was over Bart couldn't take any more. He strapped balloons to Willie's kilt which lifted it revealing all. This proved to be a trick planted by the school to get Bart in trouble but it proved to be the turning point in Bart and Jessica's relationship. Bart got asked to dinner but when he got there he couldn't hold his fuse. He got kicked out but Jessica went after him. It was this point when we notice the change in her. She then becomes really bad and turns Bart "into a criminal when all he wants to be is a petty thug." Their relationship ends when Lisa squeals on Jessica for stealing the church collection money.

Laura Powers
The girl who moved in next door. Bart never actually went out with Laura but he showed many signs of liking her. It started when Bart and Lisa broke into the house's cellar. Bart was scaring Lisa when a hand tapped him on the shoulder. In fright Bart fell over. When he turned around Laura was there, he was instantly impressed and was determined to say something good. Instead he came out with, I fell on my bottom. Bart and Laura did many things together as friends but then, when Bart thought he'd finally got what he wanted when Laura told him to go to the tree house alone, she announced that she had a boyfriend which turned out to be Jimbo Jones. Bart broke the couple up by doing a prank call to Moe Syzlak and telling Moe his name was Jimbo and gave him the address. When Moe came to the house with a knife threatening to cut Jimbo, Laura realised that Jimbo wasn't as tough as she thought he was. At the end Laura said to Bart, if you were only old enough to grow a bad teenage moustache, I'd go out with you in a second!

These are not the only flings Bart has had. There was also Greda and the girl from the episode, "Dude Where's My Ranch."

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